Tomato, the healthiest diet food ever

Tomato, the healthiest diet food ever

Maintain skin elasticity and moisture. Like zucchini, tomatoes are also the favorite of tender and beautiful women.

The moisture content of fresh tomatoes and tomato juice is as high as 94%, and the rich lycopene in tomatoes has a protective effect on cardiovascular disease and can reduce cardiovascular disease.

  In addition, the nicotinic acid in tomatoes can maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice, promote the formation of red blood cells, and help maintain the elasticity of the blood vessel wall and protect the skin.

  Nutrition highlights: Want to achieve weight loss while maintaining skin elasticity and moisture?

Then, eat more tomatoes and benefit from it. It will make you hydrated, fresh and beautiful.

  Supplementary suggestion: Proportion of tomatoes ripened quickly with red stimulant. Naturally mature tomatoes are more nutritious and have a stronger flavor.

Therefore, when buying, it is best to choose naturally ripe tomatoes.