“All right,No need to ask,I’m all hungry,One counts one,Let’s go,Let’s make something together for everyone to eat。”

Murong Shan said simply and neatly,Because there are too many people living in the house,So the two aunts I got here do not live at home,They leave on time at nine every night,If I have to eat after nine o’clock in the evening,Then only Shen Ruoxi and the others do it by themselves“Adequate food and clothing”Up。
“I do,You guys chat。”
Qin Liang decided to use this opportunity to show,To make up for my fault,So volunteered and said。
“You sure you do it?”
Shen Ruoxi hesitated,Then I asked again for sure。There are no guests at home,Or not on special occasions,Qin Liang doesn’t usually work hard at home,After all, he is the only man in the family,The head of the family again,Or the boss of all the Shen sisters。
But today, Shen Ruoxi has been busy all night,It’s a bit tired,Murong Shan is the same,So she didn’t continue to insist not to let Qin Liang do it。
“Yep,I do,You all go downstairs to chat,Anyway, I want to eat downstairs in the living room。”
Qin Liang finished,Really turned around and left。
“Ugh……This guy,Sometimes it can really piss me off!How come you have become an old and not growing up child now。”
After Qin Liang left,Shen Ruoxi sighed and said to Murong Shan。
“Actually, there is only such a man in the family,It’s nothing great if we all spoil him a little,Ha ha……”
Murongshan can’t say more,I had to persuade me without pain or itching,A few words to comfort Shen Ruoxi,After all, they are husband and wife,Of course everyone hopes that this young couple can always be happy,Happy together,And seriously,Qin Liang is just being naughty“Excessive”Some,Just like what Shen Ruoxi said just now,It’s just a child who didn’t grow up,There is nothing else offensive,Unacceptable place。
Actually all the girls in the Shen family,I don’t know why Qin Liang is in front of these girls,The real reason for showing your childish side;The young master of the Qin family,In fact, when I was young, I almost didn’t have a childhood.!
Qin Liang’s father, Qin Aotian, was when Qin Liang was only four years old,I started to teach him to practice some of the most basic skills,When he was six years old,Began to practice strict and formal Kung Fu training on him,So Qin Liang when he was a child,I practice my fist almost every day。