Ding Hai quickly took over and said:“Lao Zhang,you busy,we are leaving。”Talking,Hold Guan Hao,Around the board under the feet,Out of the workshop,I saw the county party secretary and county head of Beihe looking for the mayor。

Guan Hao feels very fragile now,I feel fragile when I hear her name。He really doesn’t know how long he can hold on。
in the afternoon,Guan Hao and the rest after a short break in Beihe,Bid farewell to the leaders of Beihe County,Back to Jinan。
Guan Hao is a little puzzled,Because he didn’t see Ding Hai in the crowd,This kid won’t be mad and won’t even send him?
Thinking,Two cars drove out of Beihe,Just about to get on the high speed,Guan Hao saw Ding Hai’s Santana stopped by the road。
Liu Tao has sharp eyes,Said:“Ding Hai。”
Guan Hao motioned to the driver Zhou Qiang to stop。
Liu Tao then got off,Leaned in front of the car window and said a few words,Just turn around and talk to Guan Hao:“He said he wanted to hijack you,Please get in his car。”
Guan Hao smiled,Got out of the car,Sit in Ding Hai’s Santana。
Liu Tao handed Guan Hao’s handbag to Ding Hai,Said:“County Magistrate Ding,be careful。Send the mayor back to me safely tomorrow morning。”
Ding Hai says:“I also go to Jinan,Please relax Liu Mi,I’ll send the mayor back to you in a while,Otherwise, I’ll get the mayor’s millet porridge to drink。You do not know,Some of these braised prawns are,Millet porridge is hard to find。”
Ding Hai said,Wave to Liu Tao,The car accelerates slowly,Soon on the highway。
Zhou Qiang followed closely behind。Liu Tao said:“Leave them alone,Let’s go。”quickly,Zhou Qiang’s car surpassed Ding Hai’s car,Disappear in traffic。