Peng Changyi went up to the car window,Leaning on the back,Closed eyes。

When they were about to drive to the junction leading to the Houshan Highway,Old Gu found a police car parked next to him,No lights on,Open the car door,A girl bends down and throws up on the side of the road,A young man stood by and looked at her。
Old Gu gave a high beam,Said:“Magistrate,look。”Simultaneously,Slowed down。
Peng Changyi opened his eyes immediately,Look forward with the back of the front seat,Under the light,He saw Chu Xiaoqiang standing next to the police car,The figure of the girl who is vomiting is also very familiar,But she is bending over,Did not see clearly。
Looking at Chu Xiaoqiang and the vomiting girl in front,Old Gu said:“Parking??”
Peng Changyi said:“stop。”
Just after Old Gu gave the high beam,Chu Xiaoqiang watched the car alertly,Subconsciously reached into the car,Obviously,Is preparing for self-defense。
Old Gu turned off the lights,Chu Xiaoqiang recognized Peng Changyi’s car,Just retracted my hand。
Peng Changyi got out of the car,come over,Chu Xiaoqiang called:“County Magistrate Peng,It’s you。”
I heard him call Mayor Peng,The girl who bends down and vomits raises her head,By the moonlight,Peng Changyi sees it is Xiaodou。
Xiaodou returned to Yunzhong Primary School to become a volunteer after the summer vacation,After she came back,Once called Peng Changyi。
Xiao Dou and Chu Xiaoqiang know,Peng Changyi is not surprised,When in the provincial capital,Or the thread he led them,Let Chu Xiaoqiang go to Xiaodou,To understand the situation with the foreman。Now see them together,He understood that they were already familiar,So he said with a smile:“cockroach,Xiaodou,Why are you two here?”
Chu Xiaoqiang said awkwardly:“She vomited endlessly,Is there water in your car?”
Old Gu said:“Have。”Talking,Just return and take out two bottles of water,Handed it to Chu Xiaoqiang。
Chu Xiaoqiang first unscrewed a bottle and handed it to Xiao Dou,Xiao Dou was busy taking a sip and gargle,Then spit it out,I rinsed it again and again several times,So I straightened up,Touched his chest and said:“Damn,My god,Disgusting me!Magistrate,Thank you for coming,This person,Let me go out with him,I don’t even know how to bring a bottle of water。”
Chu Xiaoqiang quickly pleaded:“Didn’t I say to buy water in the city??Who knew you were vomiting endlessly?”
Peng Changyi smiled,I feel something is wrong with them,Just said:“not comfortable?”
Chu Xiaoqiang just about to speak,Xiaodou said:“Yes,It’s him……”Xiaodou pointed his finger in the car,Not finished,Just vomit again。
Peng Changyi smiled,Took a look in the car,Didn’t see anything。Chu Xiaoqiang whispered:“That’s it,The samples I collected on site in the morning,I want to send it to the province overnight for appraisal,I’m fine if I don’t tell her,Tell her,She looked back and threw up,I’ll stop quickly。Walked this way,She vomited twice。”