Spring flowers blooming alert to the 10 crimes of beauty on holiday_1

Spring flowers blooming alert 10 crimes for skincare

Ready to pack your backpack and flee with him?

When enjoying the romance of mountains and rivers, don’t neglect the care of your baby’s skin. Before you go, learn about the top 10 mistakes of beauty skin on vacation and make your skin a perfect holiday.

  1 with trial set “go out with a few beautiful clothes, just take a sample of skin care products, just a few days okay.

“If that’s your skin care plan for your vacation, then you can stop now.

Because although going out on vacation is in a good mood, it is an adventure for the skin, and a brand new environment is waiting for the skin to adapt.

If you still need to adapt to new skin care products at this time, the possibility of allergies will be greatly increased.

The best way is to pack skin care products for daily use into clean small ml bottles, which can save space and make the skin enjoy the same care as at home.

  Link: In addition to basic skin care products, bring eye cream, moisturizing mask and a can of spa spray.

Eye care is most afraid of interruptions, so be sure to take eye cream.

The moisturizing mask helps moisturize the skin, and the hot spring spray can relieve the discomfort in time when the skin is sensitive.

  2 a bunch of perfume samples If your holiday is more than a day or two, then don’t take a bunch of perfume samples of about 2ml out.

When on vacation is the most relaxed and most emotional time, why not share the sweetness with your boyfriend during this holiday season to add fuel to the relationship.

As a love aphrodisiac, perfume is also the easiest to work at this time.

A person ‘s breath is just a person ‘s sexy radio waves, which easily enters the subconsciousness of others, always changing taste, easily weakening the energy of sexy pheromones, and disturbing the frequency of the radio waves. In order to keep the charm, only one bottleit is good.

  Link: Choose a perfume that has an aphrodisiac effect and continue to use it during the holidays, and you will definitely get good results.

Spices with aphrodisiac effects are: musk, ambergris, jasmine, tuberose, ylang-ylang, rose, white iris, white patchouli and so on.

  3 Sun protection can not keep up No matter whether you go to tropical islands or northern snowy fields, you must bring a bottle of broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF30 + / PA + + or above.

Because the ultraviolet rays in these places are very violent, it is needless to say that the poisonous sun by the seaside.

In a snowy snowy field, Baixue reflects ultraviolet rays more strongly to the flask like a mirror. The reason for snowblindness is because of this, so you need to wear glasses in addition to sun protection during a holiday in the snowy field.

In addition to sunscreen and sunglasses on the beach, a sun umbrella can be added to protect the sun.

  Link: Thin and breathable is the first choice for sunscreen, especially for delicate eyes.

Now many brands have launched sunscreen products specifically for the eyes. If you only go to the snowy field, then you can get it with a sunscreen.

  4 nights to sleep and later to get up on vacation, just to completely relax, just a few minutes high, and a few times a few times-if this is your plan, then remind me.

Good work and rest time is a long-term development, once it is destroyed, it will take a long time to screw it over.

In addition, beauty is really important to the skin. Night time is the time for skin self-healing. If you miss it, even the best skin care products can hardly make up for the loss.

So think high before you think about the price you are about to pay, and try to fall asleep before that.

  Link: It ‘s too late, and you ca n’t “get rid of yourself”. Sleeping without removing your makeup hurts your skin more than staying up late.

Follow the normal steps to remove makeup and wash your face, then use the repair essence + repair night cream after the toner, and finally add a sleep mask to minimize the damage of staying up late.

  5 Happy holidays where you ca n’t help eating, drinking, and having fun.

While you enjoy exotic cuisine, you must also control your mouth, eating properly to eat beautifully.

First of all, you must consult with local people. Some tropical fruits are hot and cold. You have to choose according to your physical condition.

When eating seafood, you should also eat more ginger and garlic, and pay more attention to freshness.

In order to prevent illness from entering the mouth, vacationing to become a health care, not only wasted good scenery, but also let the skin follow the illness together.

  Links: Hot tropical fruits include coconut, lychee, durian, longan, bayberry, papaya, rambutan, etc .; colder ones include banana, sugar cane, dragon fruit, grapefruit, coriander, mango, carambola, pineapple, mangosteen, etc .; andOlives, lemons, and green plums have a mild flavor and are not cold or hot.

  6 body hair Forgetting to shave in the summer has become a habit of girls, but in winter, many people will ignore this.

When going on vacation, whether it is in the south or north, as long as you bring a bathing suit or dress, you must not forget to bring a razor, so as not to be embarrassed when you get it.

Even if you have treated it at home before going out, if your holiday is as long as 7 days, you should put a razor in your bag. You must know that the hair in these places still grows fast. It is safer to shave once every three or four days.

  Link: After shaving body hair, be sure to apply a thin layer of moisturizer to relieve the burn of small wounds.Body milk with shiny effects such as mother-of-pearl is the best secret weapon for vacations, and it can give your skin a healthy glow.

  7 Too lazy to remove makeup and laziness depends on the consequences, even if you don’t plan to put on makeup while on vacation, you still need sunscreen.

Many high-power sunscreens now have water resistance and high added effects, so it is difficult to clean them with water. You can only remove them with makeup remover and then cleansing with face wash.

For the skin, cleanliness is the most basic and important step in maintenance, so you must bring makeup removers on vacation.

  Link: If you are used to using cleansing oil, then you must thoroughly implement the 3 principles of “complete emulsification, rinse with plenty of water, and wash your face again”.

“Complete emulsification” is related to whether the emulsifier of the product itself is sufficient, and whether your emulsification action is complete.

The correct method is: apply oil to the makeup and then dip it in water to massage the white emulsified liquid, and then wash with a lot of running water.

The process of massage and emulsification is very important, otherwise it is easy for oil to remain in the pores and cause acne.

  8Save out the conditioner. It is true that the less you go on vacation, the better, so many people leave out the conditioner.

If you have short, disheveled boy-like hair, just leave it alone.

The girls with all the other hairstyles listened well: “A woman’s hair is sexy, and no man likes to touch dry, knotted hair.

“To sum up, be sure to leave a place in the suitcase for the conditioner.

Of course, you can put it in a small container, enough for your vacation time.

  Link: Many toiletries now send some small milliliter packages when they are being promoted.

You can go to a large supermarket such as Wal-Mart to buy a set, and the small package can be used on vacation, and the used small bottle can be reserved for the next packaging.

  9 Valentine’s Day holiday for two people, romance is an indispensable show.

In addition to the 鸳鸯 SPA, which can increase the mood, you must first arm yourself, so as not to be busy before the battle.

First, while he’s not home, coat your feet with enchanting nail polish, matching the color of your sexy pajamas.

Then put nail polish, manicure set and essential oils (rose, geranium, ylang-ylang, lemon eucalyptus or musk essential oils) and hand cream into the pack.

Essential oils can not only make baths, but also mix and match with hand cream to make aroma body milk, which will make your sexy index rise straight up.

  Link: Nail polish and manicure kit can help you to perfect your jade hands and feet at any time, making you beautiful from head to toe.

  10Even if “2012” is completely fictional without toothbrushes, low-carbon vacations are still self-interesting and friendly, not to mention the quality of toothbrushes in hotels is unsatisfactory. In order to keep teeth and gums from being damaged during vacations, bring your home.As well.

The bright eyes are not only the standard of ancient beauties, but also a good expression of the quality life of modern girls.

  Link: If you have a small pack of mouthwash at home, take it with you.

It can be used both for toothpaste and mouthwash, small and convenient.