Do this often to make men live younger

Do this often to make men live younger

Men must succeed in their careers and take care of their families. Life makes men exhausted, and physical health is often not valued. In fact, because of this, men need more care and care for their health than women!


hzh{display:none;}  1、常用剃须刀,年轻5岁半  刮胡子的男人比胡子拉碴的男人看上去年轻5.5 years old.

Dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beal said that shaving will stimulate the production of collagen in the face and make the skin smoother.

  2. Eat less, take more points, and insert less points. Transitions are reduced and the incidence of complications is reduced. Inflammation can cause cognitive decline.

Scientists say that it is best to reduce your daily intake by 30%, at least to replace 2500 calories per day, then it is best to lose 750 calories.

  3, more sleep, face is not old, long-term lack of sleep will speed up the aging, because the muscles around the eye can be exercised when the eyeballs rotate quickly during sleep, and lack of sleep, the muscles around the eye will atrophy, leaving dark circles.

  4, regular exercise, young 10-year-old 3 hours a week of certain intensity exercise, you can make people feel younger 10 years old.

  5. Oral hygiene, brains are better. Patients with dental disease have significantly lower intelligence than those with healthy teeth.

The reason is that problems such as bleeding gums can lead to more serious internal complications and brain damage.

Brush your teeth often, use dental floss to clean your teeth, and maintain oral hygiene so your brain can be more sensitive.

  6, slow heartbeat and long life To stay young, you must have a strong heart to allow blood to flow slowly and effectively.

Mike from the American Heart, Lung and Blood Society?

“The average life expectancy of a person is 3 billion heartbeats. If you can slow the number of heartbeats, you can prolong life.

7. Body fat. For every 10 years old men, the body mass index (BMI) increases by 5 points (equivalent to a weight gain of 13).

(About 5 kg), its insulin pill hormone level will drop to the level of “aging for 10 years”.

  8. Train the brain. Doing brain training tasks such as “brain twists” at the age of 15 can enable 45-year-olds to acquire the brain vitality and memory ability of 30-year-olds.

  9, a glass of wine a day, to 85 to drink a small amount of alcohol a day (not more than 3 glasses), can increase the chance of life expectancy to 85 years old by 97%.

  10 hours / sleep; 8 hours, the longest life span is 22 years, a new study involving 21,268 adults found that men sleep 7 hours every sleep, increasing the risk of premature death by 26%, but exceeding 8 hours, also earlyThe risk of death increased by 24%.

  11, vitamin A in addition to eye wrinkles with age, the cell cycle process significantly slowed down, the skin lacks collagen.

This is the thinnest part of human skin, with a thickness of only 0.

The 02 mm eye is the most visible.

New research has found that vitamin A helps produce new collagen and has a good wrinkle removal effect.

  12. The odds of long-lived peasants living long-lived and long-lived are a pair of urban residents.

Proper flowers, grass, and farm work can help men live longer.

  13, often play golf, increase life 5 years golfer mortality rate is 40% lower than his peers, because each time when playing outdoors for several hours, walking 4 miles, and increased social opportunities, help reduce stress, which can increaseLife is 5 years.

  14, there is morning erection, the younger the morning erection hardness increases, which means that the younger the male blood vessels.

A recent study published in the American Medical Journal showed that men who have sex less than once a week will have twice the incidence of ED (erectile dysfunction), while having sex more than three times a week will reduce their ED by four times.
  15, eat more spinach, long muscle men are muscular and look younger.

The title of “Journal of the American Nutrition Association”, the strong secret of “Popular Sailors”, there is evidence that eating spinach can indeed promote protein synthesis and help muscle growth.

In addition, eating spinach can prevent osteoporosis.

  16, young men with short hair show middle age, hair loss is more and more obvious.

In the early stage of hair loss, shaved flat head reveals thicker hair and a younger person. Long hair can easily expose the scalp.