[Liyang specialty snacks]_Liyang_Species

[Liyang specialty snacks]_Liyang_Species

Muyang This is the county seat of Jiangsu Province. Because of its special geographical location, it has a diversified cultural tradition in this area and naturally there are many different kinds of special snacks.

For example, there are horse factory mung bean cakes that taste great and can clear away heat, thousands of temples with smooth texture and Muyang vegetarian chicken with all colors and so on. These special snacks of Muyang are very delicious. Let ‘s introduce them in detail below.What special snacks are there in Liyang.

Liyang County is a traditional Huaiyang cuisine area.

Local cuisine specializes in knives, with a light taste and no spicy taste.

Cooking makes good use of the heat, and is good at stewing, burning, and simmering; especially the selection of ingredients is fresh and tender.

The specialties of Yang County are as follows: 1. Traditional dishes include soft-boiled long fish, braised lion head, cuttlefish cake and so on.

2. “Chao card” is one of the most common early in the region. “Chao card” is the name of Puyang for roasting cards, and it is a kind of pancake food.

Because the shape of the roasted card resembles the wat held by the ancient minister when he was facing the dynasty, it is also called the dynasty.

3. Thousands of temple heads.

The temple head is flexible, with both hands raised the thousand pieces to the air, slowly and vigorously, elastic, can be stretched, and you can see the shrinkage when you let go.

Thousands of temple heads were cut into prisms or strips and put into boiling water for a while. After adding a little bit of alkali, it suddenly became slippery. It was eaten into the mouth after frying, and the taste was very good.Feeling.

4. Other common ones include Wu Ji fans, Qian Ji Lao Goose, Gucheng Gujia oven cake.

Other specialty foods: Horse Factory Mung Bean Cake Horse Factory Mung Bean Cake is a specialty snack in Machang Town, Liyang County, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province.

The horse factory has been making adzuki bean cakes for more than 100 years. Now, even dozens of households have gradually started to work in the old factory street.

In the 1930s and 1940s, Wang Mingfu and Wang Minglou were most famous, and now the oldest name is Xu Wen Family.

There are seven procedures for making adzuki bean cakes: one is to choose the materials, to select the authentic mung beans of the horse factory, and to eliminate all the sediment impurities; the second is to soak, soak the selected mung beans with water until they are peeled automatically; threeIt is peeled, and repeatedly filtered with water until all the mung bean skin is floated away. Fourth, grind the paste, use a fine tooth grinder to grind the soaked and peeled mung beans into a paste; five is the ingredients, use a small amount of fine potato powder andThe sesame powder is mixed with water to form a paste and mixed together. Six is cooked. Use warm water, a pan and a special mold with a diameter of about 3 cm and a height of half a centimeter wide. Bean paste is dried in the mold and dried until slightly yellow.

Filling incense sticks: Filling incense sticks is a specialty food of Liyang.

When the noodles are fried to golden brown, you can fish them out. After cooling, they are crispy, crispy, and fragrant!

Qianji old goose: Qianji old goose is exquisite in materials. It can replace the herbivorous old goose that is more than 2 years old, and the shortest time to reach the one-year growth period. Qianji old goose is based on “four goose”Geese) Best-selling!

Yang jelly: There are many types of Liyang jelly, including pea powder, mung bean powder, potato powder, etc. According to the taste of the diners, add soy sauce, vinegar, garlic sauce, hot sauce and other ingredients!

Liyang vegetarian chicken: Liyang vegetarian chicken (also known as chicken cake) has been around for decades.

The vegetarian chicken is made from imitation ravioli. The taste and taste are indistinguishable from the original meat. The flavor is unique. The tofu skin (thousand sheets, non-oily skin) is used as the main ingredient.Prepared dishes.

Can also be made into fish, shrimp and other shapes.