The blood red door is opening,Guard standing at the door。Can be seen from outside,When going in,Well-appointed garden。The people inside are busy,No one dare to slack off。

She stepped forward,Was immediately stopped by the guard at the door。
Ruyu looked up and said:“Our lady,Miss Prime Minister’s Mansion。Today, I am specially wounded to visit His Royal Highness Chen Wang,Don’t you guys go report!”
Miss Prime Minister’s Mansion?
Two guards, look at me,I see you。Woman covering her face in light veil,Can’t see clearly,They are hard to tell。
Even if it’s Miss Sang,,They also know,Chen Wang does not wait to see the future Princess Chen,Avoid。If they put people in,I’m afraid I’ll turn around and get the board。
A bolder guard said righteously:“The prince is thinking about it,See no one,Please go back, Miss Sang!”
Sang Qingrou chuckled softly,Red lips,The two guards only heard a gentle voice floating in their ears,Refreshing,Not dignified and elegant。
“Chen Wang’s order,The two dare not defy,I don’t make it difficult。in this way,You only need to give such things to King Chen,If he refuses to see me again,I’m leaving。”She winked,Ruyu immediately handed the hairpin in the envelope to them。
“Be careful!If it breaks,You can’t afford it。”
The guard takes it carefully,Took it in quickly。Sang Qingrou stood at the door waiting quietly,No shelf。
Another guard secretly looked up Sang Qingrou’s eyes,She is very particular about her,The color matching is also very good。Makes her look a lot better。He just knew,There are people who can match red and white so beautifully。
I heard that Miss Sang disfigured her face,Once the first beauty in Yongdu,Did you really become the first ugly girl??