He is not jealous of this scene,I don’t think the fans are looking for Hu Lai,Without looking for him,Is an insult to him。

He doesn’t have those discordant thoughts。
He is simply happy for Hu Lai’s achievements。
of course,The food he invited was delicious……
When Zhang Qinghuan’s taxi approached the south gate of Shining Star Liucheng Training Base,He was taken aback by the crowd at the door,Almost let the driver drive to the front door。
But he reacted quickly——These fans are not here to block themselves。
Because male fans account for the vast majority of these fans,Few female fans have seen。
If it comes to me,That must all be female fans……
So he confidently got off the car。
Sure enough, even if he got out of the taxi,Stand by the road,And no one cast a look at him。
This made Zhang Qinghuan relieved but also a little unhappy——Someone sucked in the street in front of me(lead)powder(wire)!
If I see who is bigger than my score……