[Potato Chips 馍]_How to do_Practice Daquan

[Potato Chips 馍]_How to do_Practice Daquan

Potato chip sandwich is a very famous snack in Xi’an. It has a variety of delicious and unique flavors and is rich in nutrition, so it is loved by people.

Its method is also very particular about the potato chips, tofu skin, lettuce, broth dried flowers and secret sauces that are required during the production process. There are strict production procedures. Finally, a special cake and a fragrant potato chip are added.The folder is finished.

First, the spicy potato chips are simmered, the hot sesame cakes are sandwiched with freshly boiled potato chips dipped in spicy sauce, and the flowers are dried. Some stores also provide a chopsticks lettuce, bite down, spicy!




The instant feeling came down to the throat along the tip of the tongue. After chewing and swallowing, the crispy feeling of the potato chips was also tasted. After another bite, the potato chips went straight into the stomach together with the ravioli., 馍 is crispy because of the juice, potato chips are mellow and smooth because of 馍.

Second, the potato chip tofu skin, well, know why it is red.

It’s delicious and not expensive. It can be used as a meal, and it can be justified as a snack.

Third, the lettuce spicy potato chips sandwich can be said to be a substitute for young people in Xi’an today.

If you ask others about this snack in colleges and universities, some of them will show a spitting expression.

Even let the extra young girls linger.

Fourth, the dried flower dried out of broth is a soy product.

It is a 20 × 8 cm rectangle cut with high-quality thin tofu. On the front and back of the case, cut into half-deep strips and the front side cannot overlap, then slowly fry in a low-temperature oil pan until it is crispy.Serve.
Fifth, the secret sauce is divided into five flavors and spicy flavors, and only the special sauces such as sesame sauce and chili sauce are cooked.

Six, all the ingredients are dried flowers, tofu skin, lettuce, potato chips, secret sauce and freshly baked kebabs.

Cakes are also featured in Xi’an. When you pass the east of Luoma City, you will definitely see a long line.

That’s right, they just bought potato chips.

This is a great snack close to our lives.

Whether it is Gao Fushuai, Bai Fumei, or Poor Silk, they have been defeated by its deliciousness.

Its fame has spread all over Xi’an. You can search on Baidu. Spicy potato chips can be said to be one of Shaanxi’s specialty spicy snacks.