The second half has started,Luo Kai is very irritable now。

He feels like he’s in a swamp,The harder you get, the deeper you sink,Inextricable。
What gives him this feeling is the defensive system of Jiaxiang High School。
In the first half, he tasted the taste of being targeted by Jiaxiang High School.,Very uncomfortable。
It ended up in the second half,The situation remains unchanged。
He tried to follow the coach’s request,Make your own activities wider,Not even just swapping places with Tang Yuan,Also swapped positions with center Zhong Shihao,He tried to go to the restricted area,Closer to goal,Attempts to directly shoot the goal by receiving a pass from a teammate。
But after I went there, Wang Guangwei was stared more deadly.。
He had to leave the penalty area again,To catch the ball on the more familiar wing,Then attack Jiaxiang’s goal with the ball。
But this way,He was blocked by Jiaxiang’s line of defense,Want to directly threaten Jiaxiang’s goal,Can only take long shots。
He just took a long shot,But there are two Jiaxiang defenders in front of him when shooting,So it was very disturbed,The football flew straight out of the bottom line。
After shooting this kick,He even heard laughter from the stands——All from the cheerleaders of Jiaxiang High School。
These cheerleaders are more than just cheering for Jiaxiang,They are also tasked with creating psychological pressure on the visiting team。
“Since the Provincial Experimental Middle School can hold him,Then it doesn’t make sense we can’t do it。”Off the court,Feng Yuanchang said to his assistant coach。“No matter how strong Luo Kai is, he has not exceeded the scope of high school students。He is the kind of player who has to hold the ball under his feet to be a threat,And this kind of player is best to guard。As long as our own defense does not make mistakes,They just can’t help us。And did you find out,This is Rokai’s third long-range shot in just five minutes,Although Chu Yifan met him in the middle,,He didn’t choose to pass。”
“He is impetuous。”Assistant coach said。