【I never talk to my girlfriend’s boyfriend】

【My girlfriend has a boyfriend,Get married and have children,honestly,You can’t be a girlfriend】
【Women are all things】
【I know who is involved in this matter the little empress said,Hahahaha】
【I also know,This is to tear the face?】
【Are you rich in front??】
Baby Ou tilted his head,“It’s not a tearing face,We are right and wrong,This is how we think about it,If the parties feel that our views are wrong,Can come to our theory,Sue us too。I don’t talk about freedom of speech,I’m just talking here,Know who we are talking about,You know,Don’t know,I will tell you something.”
“most of the time,The tragedy is not without warning,In other words,When you feel something is wrong,Then it’s not right。Don’t deceive yourself,Feel suspicious。It is impossible for a truly suspicious person to feel suspicious,Only the kind of people who don’t want to believe the truth,I feel suspicious。Whether it’s affection,Still make friends,When you feel wrong,Then stop in time,Don’t be afraid to lose,Don’t feel sorry.”
Baby Ou seriously shares his thoughts,“Many recent sunk cost concepts,Actually applicable in many places。When you don’t have to worry about sunk costs,No need to worry about comeback or gains and losses,Life will be more open-minded.Where’s my girlfriend,Actually human,Hard to distinguish,But you don’t have to distinguish,Let yourself live happily,Everything will become very simple。”
Speaking of the original problem,“My sister must be closer than my girlfriend is coming,But also because of this,Will cause more damage。Normally,People who don’t cherish you,Why should you cherish her??but,how to say,I have encountered that kind of parents cheating on their own,Repay debts,Then there are brothers and sisters,Younger brother,This girl came out to work before she became an adult,Repay the parents,Dropping out of school to make money to let older brothers, sisters and younger brothers continue to study.”
“Later I became an artist by coincidence,Although not red,But also made some money,Parents still ask her for money,Brother and sister did not appreciate her sacrifice and dedication,Brother has bad grades,Go to private university。She finally met a man,Married,Had a baby,But this man and her agent,Took away all her income,She had to go to court to divorce,Then take the kids to film,The child has a fever on the set,Almost turned into pneumonia.”
There are many specific companies,Involves privacy,Baby Ou didn’t even say,“When i met her,She was holding her baby and crying while stopping the car。I took their mother and daughter to the hospital。And helped her clean up everything I could。just now,This is signed at Wanming,Is a very gentle and kind woman,She is still willing to accept the kindness from others,Still willing to believe that the world is beautiful.”
“Like this,She seems to be a woman who soaks in bitter water,I actually met recently。Deliberate abandonment by foster family,Family not found,Took away the children of the foster family,Some people even know that she was deliberately abandoned,But no one is willing to look for her。Middle-aged widow,Bereavement,When he was terminally ill and died soon,I only met relatives who were related by blood,But the counterfeit that had taken her place in the house had already entered the room,From adopted daughter to daughter-in-law,Became the wife of the head of the family.”
Baby Ou didn’t look at Yuze’s face,“And no one will say a word for her,She just died like that。Also because the wife of the head of the family doesn’t want to break the ground,Didn’t agree that she was buried with her parents。Although i think,Her parents didn’t want to find her that much,I don’t necessarily want to see her if I die。but,It’s one thing to be unwilling,Others don’t let oneself want,It’s another matter。”
“I really feel,Life,Really rich。I can be so happy,It’s really a good blessing I have cultivated in a few lifetimes。and so,Xifu,I always cherish what I have,I also hope everyone can do this,Grateful and cherish living。In this world,There are always many unfortunate,Unfortunately no need to compare,All painful,But strong and hopeful people,Always live happier。”