Peng Changyi said:“Don’t sloppy with me,I came to you for two things,the first,You follow me right away,To the site of the foundation laying of the pharmaceutical factory,Persuade me to come back;second,Just forever with you。”

Dong Fusheng looked at him,Said:“you……what are you saying,I……I listen……Don’t understand?”
Peng Changyi stood in front of him,Stared at him and said:“Don’t pretend to be garlic,I, Peng Changyi, don’t know how you changed??”
“I……What has changed……changing?”
“fox,You are a fox。”
“I said,You have become such a big official,How to talk so indifferently,Curse at every turn?”Dong Fusheng seems to have reason,Be reasonable,He doesn’t stammer anymore。
Peng Changyi said:“Did I curse you??You hide in the dark,Fan Yin wind and light a ghost fire,is not it?”
“you……You spit……”
Peng Changyi walked to the door of his room,Point to the instant noodles just made on the windowsill,Said:“Squirting?I’m afraid I did not spray wrong,You have suffered all night,And successfully planned today’s accident,Just eat this junk food,How come you have to get two dishes in the restaurant to treat yourself?”
“Peng Changyi,You fucking come to my house,Is it sarcastic to me??I am not as good as you,But i don’t envy you,Don’t flatter you,You have come to Langzhu for so long,Did i find you?”When Dong Fu was physically upright,I didn’t stammer。
Of course Peng Changyi will not be shocked by his aura,Pointed to his nose and said:“That’s why I said you are as sinister as a fox,Hide yourself so deep,is that useful?You can not put me in your eyes,Can even pretend not to know me,But you can stand right in front of me as a worker representative,Negotiate with me,No need to hide behind you,This first step you made me look down on you。anyway,What’s wrong with you know me?Am I not worthy of you, Peng Changyi??You were this virtue when you were in school,Make me look down!”
Dong Fusheng is angry,He pointed to the door and said:“you……Fuck me!”
Don’t know,Peng Changyi sneered,Reached over a broken chair under the eaves,Sit down,Don’t know,He didn’t sit still,Almost fell。Peng Changyi quickly stood up,Look back,original,One leg of this chair is so bad,In place of the chair,Supported by two bricks,Peng Changyi didn’t see clearly,Moved the chair with short legs,He sits up,Of course it’s unstable。
“Hahaha。”Dong Fusheng on the side couldn’t help laughing smugly。
Peng Changyi kicked the broken chair over,Point to the chair and talk to Dong Fusheng:“Look at you,The chair is missing a leg。”Talking,He looked around this lifeless yard。