No more……He feels own“heart”So tired!After all, Shen Ruoxue is difficult to coax!

“Let’s continue eating,I want a few more plates of meat, OK??What do you want to rinse?Lamb?Fish?Hairy belly,seafood?what is this else?”
Yang Zhi hesitated for a long time,He felt that Shen Ruoxue was crying,I have to say a few words to comfort her anyway,But he doesn’t know what to say,So the last words are out,It became like this……
“Ask Xiaoxue,Xiaoxue is the commander of everything tonight,What she says is what,Whatever she wants。”
Qin Liang said with a smile,He can’t laugh anymore,Just now in the process of coaxing Shen Ruoxue,He has consumed all of his“Hard work”,I almost kneel down in the end“propose”Up!
“Yep,I want to shabu loach,Also eat shrimp!”
Shen Ruoxue thought and thought about it,This is the reserved point,After crying,At the moment, it seems more beautiful,Charming and lovely。
“Waiter!Add two plates of loach,Two plates of prawns!Do not,Add three plates per item!”
Yang Zhi immediately greeted the waiter loudly……
“Don’t you want to eat something special?Dear。”
Shen Ruoxue turned her face to ask Liu Xiaoyun,Look like nothing has happened,As if nothing happened just now,The crying person is not like her。
“I just want to know one thing now……”
Liu Xiaoyun answered in a low voice。
“what’s up?”
Shen Ruoxue asked curiously。
“How do you make you cry when you cry?”
Liu Xiaoyun put his mouth on Shen Ruoxue’s ear,Ask quietly。
“I tell you,I just pinched my own thigh with my hands secretly under the table,Finally crying,Don’t tell the secret!”