He Pengfei said:“Ha ha,There is no such good thing?But we will have fun in a small area,Even if it’s new year。”

He Pengfei saw that she stopped talking,Just say:“I know you’re okay,Ding Yi,Take care,Bye。”
Ding Yi said sincerely:“Thank you for thinking about me,You have to take care。”
hang up the phone,Ding Yi just remembered that he should call Lin Zhijun to celebrate the new year,She is indeed her benefactor,Come to work on TV,And then take a long vacation,Without her,I guess I was removed from the TV station a long time ago。
Happy New Year to Teacher Lin,She just wanted to call Peng Changyi to call New Year’s greetings,After thinking about it, I haven’t contacted him for so long,Still don’t fight,and,Jiang Fan has come to her,Bring a plate of cut fruits。She said sincerely:“This was originally the work of the hostess,Let the male host do it,I’m really sorry,Thank you so much。”
Jiang Fan said:“Now i serve you,So that you can serve me better in the future。”
Ding ate a small piece,Said:“Finally revealed his original face。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“The party started,Don’t you watch?”
“I do not want to see,Too noisy。”
Jiang Fan looked at her and said:“You don’t watch the Spring Festival Gala on TV?”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Ha ha,to be honest,I didn’t like watching TV before,I don’t like watching TV even more,I mainly watch the programming of the show,The host already knew who it was,The style is the same,The programming is also formalized,Just so twice,All this party is for me who has the habit of going to bed early,Almost unattractive。also,I think,The evening party is not scientific,you think,Most units only have a holiday this morning,Busy New Year in the afternoon,Such a long party at night,How tired after reading it,Anyway, since the Spring Festival Gala,I don’t think I fell asleep for more than an hour。in fact,There are a lot of people like me。also,Just want to see,It will be replayed almost every day in the first few days,So i won’t sacrifice sleep time,Accompany the party until midnight。”