Chen Hao is already thinking about what gifts to buy……

Liu Xiaoyun’s House,In Shen Ruoxue,Liu Xiaoyun and Luna took turns to persuade,Father Liu and Mother Liu finally let go of their concerns,Agreed to accept Shen Ruoxi’s help。
“All right,everything isOKLa,Then I’m going to the toilet,I’ve been holding my urine until now。”
Shen Ruoxue said with relief,This girl and Liu Xiaoyun have lived together for a long time,Now even this kind of vulgar talk in the market just opens his mouth.,Changed before,That is absolutely impossible。
“I go too, I go too!”
Liu Xiaoyun got off the ground immediately,Coaxing。
“You have to join me in the toilet?”
Shen Ruoxue asked awkwardly。
“cut,You’re not the only one going to the toilet,Is everyone going to the toilet friendly?!”
Liu Xiaoyun’s dismissive answer,Two girls are about to start a new round of bickering。
。Nine Heavens God Emperor
Chapter two thousand eight hundred and five I don’t even know
Chapter two thousand eight hundred and five I don’t even know
Everyone who lives in a bungalow knows,There is no toilet in the bungalow,So whether it’s summer or winter,Go out to the public toilet,And the biggest drawback of public toilets is that they are not clean,The environment is bad,No privacy yet,But fortunately, Shen Ruoxue doesn’t care about these。
“I will go with you too。”
Luna interrupted suddenly。
“Isn’t it?Such a coincidence!Three people have to go to the toilet at the same time?”