[Pregnant women should pay attention to some problems when eating seafood]_Pregnancy_Precautions

[Pregnant women should pay attention to some problems when eating seafood]_Pregnancy_Precautions

Seafood is a food with relatively high nutritional value, which has a good effect on nourishing the body. For pregnant women, it can also be eaten appropriately, but when eating seafood, you must understand some issues to pay attention to, do not drink some alcohol when eating seafoodDrinks of this type, if pregnant women are allergic, try not to eat seafood, do not eat raw when eating seafood, do not eat sashimi, be sure to cook.

1. Don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Expectant mothers should not inhale alcoholic beverages, and they can’t be paired with seafood.

Otherwise, the combination of the two will cause a sharp increase in blood uric acid, cause gout, and make the body miserable.

2. Allergies are not suitable for allergy sources that are often replaced by seafood. If the expectant mother is allergic, it is recommended to stay away from seafood, or re-perceive, not only endangering the health of yourself and your child, but also ordinary medication and treatmentAll become difficult.

3. Cooked sashimi is delicious and smooth, with good taste. However, due to the special health of expectant mothers, all seafood needs to be cooked and eaten. It cannot be eaten directly.

Otherwise, the bacteria and parasites will enter into the mother’s body, and attack the fat for a long time, causing serious consequences.

4. Do not eat foods such as grapes and persimmons.

This is because these fruits are rich in glucose, which will damage the nutritional content of them. It is recommended to eat them after 2 hours.

5, gout patients should not eat more if expectant mothers add gout, hyperuricemia, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, etc., it is not easy to eat more.

This is necessarily related to some of the seafood, they must inevitably have mothers with repeated illnesses and bring trouble.

6, pay attention to the amount of food when eating seafood, we must control the amount, not too much.

Many seafood are not easy to digest, especially the cold type. Excessive consumption causes gastrointestinal discomfort, and it is easy to abort, so you should never eat more.

If the expectant mother has a poor stomach, it is recommended to avoid it.

7. Master the cooking time When cooking seafood, pay attention to the cooking time while ensuring that it is fully cooked.

The time should not be too short, otherwise it will be difficult to kill bacteria and parasites, and the time will not be too long, otherwise not only the taste will decrease, but also the protein will be destroyed, and the nutrition index will be reduced.

If you eat sea fish, it is recommended to wait for a quarter of an hour after the sea fish is killed before cooking, so that the fish becomes soft, which is excellent in terms of taste and nutritional absorption.