“That i’m hungry。”

Speechless night,God knows how noisy this woman is。
Early morning the next day,The news of Zeng’s comeback has been known to everyone,On the square of the big square,People crowded because of the Pluto post yesterday。
All the people in the city are here,They want to see the future trend。
There are six chairs in the center of the square,They represent the six most authoritative forces in Hades。
The light hanging from the sky covers the square,Except for the dragon chair in the middle,There are already people sitting on the other five or eight chairs。
these people,Kind face,Some seem to be worried,But no matter how it changes,A little unchanged,That is the ability to enter the Holy Land。
From the breath,Although not as strong as Zeng Fenglong,But it’s also beyond the reach of ordinary people。
Especially Hades,This is called the source of evil,No one is as simple as it seems on the surface,When faced with a choice of interests,They will show fangs a hundred times more brutal than normal。
“Dragon Lord arrives。”
Give an order,All the people who are twittering stop,Turn your eyes to the beginning of the red carpet,There are two figures appearing there,Followed by Zeng Fenglong and others。
This headed man,Wearing a purple gold Tang shirt,Expensive rosewood show cloth,At the neckline and sleeves**Woven with intricate golden silk patterns,noble,Proud。
I want to match the purple cloak behind me with my formal clothes,Full of domineering。
Woman in a pale pink dress,Show the perfect figure sharp and delicate,Cooperate with each other’s charming and mature temperament,Can’t help people’s eyes staying for a long time。
Until Xia Chenglong and Ye Ziqi sit down,The audience is still in shock and appreciation,Light theory,this“Dragon Lord”Different from them。
Several people sitting in other head chairs glanced at each other,Nodded as if。