Yang Shiyun shook his head and said。

“Xiaoyun,Do you think it is red or blue?”
Qin Liang casually asked Liu Xiaoyun。
“I think it is……The yellow one。”
Liu Xiaoyun gave the third answer,Then the three began to hold their own opinions,There was a quiet dispute。
It turned out that the three people talked more and more,No one can convince anyone。
Shen Ruoxi’s head is big,She suddenly felt that Qin Liang and the others were not discussing how to dismantle their bombs,But playing“cut fruit”game……
Talk about it,Yang Shiyun gets irritable,Suddenly stood up and shouted;“How many people come in。”
Several policemen guarding the door rushed in immediately。
“Drag me out of this man who was hurt and harp。”
Yang Shiyun gave the order,Qin Liang still doesn’t understand what’s going on,I was caught by several policemen and lifted up and walked outside。
“Yang Shiyun!You crazy woman!You wait for me!I can’t spare you!”
Qin Liang took care of Yang Shiyun’s words,Can’t help but yell,The policemen outside the door looked at each other……
He won’t know Yang Shiyun’s hard work,Why is she willing to take such a big risk with him to dismantle the bomb?,If you want to die, die by yourself。