Yajuan raised her cup again,Said:“Xiaoding,I hope we two will always be good friends。”

Ding Yi raised his cup,Say:“Drink less。”Talking,I only took a sip。
Yajuan doesn’t seem to care how much she drinks,After doing it myself,Ding Yi poured her another cup,Said:“Sister Yajuan,Drink slowly,Soon the black chicken soup comes, let’s drink the soup,Drink less bar。”
Yajuan says:“Xiaoding,thank you,What a nourishing thing,I can’t replenish what I lost。”
Ding Yi was taken aback,She continued to pick her up,Ignore what she said。
Yajuan suddenly shook Ding Yi’s hand,Say:“Xiaoding,Don’t blame me for letting you out in the middle of the night,I can’t help it,I told you my story,You should know something about me。”
Ding Yi didn’t want Yajuan to say Zhong Mingyi in front of her,Just said:“Sister Yajuan,Eat vegetables,Don’t say sad things,Look at,The snowflakes outside are bigger,The ground is white。”
Yajuan said:“Xiaoding,You are different from others,Others are trying to find out about my personal affairs,And you,I want to tell you that you don’t want to listen,Do you look down on me?”
Ding Yi smiled embarrassedly,Said:“What are you talking about,How can i look down on you,If i am like that,Why sit here with you,And pushed off Director Yue?I don’t want you to remember those sad things。”
Yajuan smiled bitterly,Said:“Then don’t hate me,I drove you out in the middle of the night?”
“Do not hate。”
“Because you must have a convenient place,I understand you。”Talking,Pick up the cup,Took a sip by myself。
Yajuan also picked it up,Dried up the glass of red wine that Ding Yi poured just now,Said:“thank you,You are my only good friend,I have never confided anything about me。you know,How did i come over these days?”Talking,I took the wine bottle and poured half a glass。