Qin Liang’s puzzling look……

“I’m not jealous anymore!That’s not forgiving you。”
Shen Ruoxi’s plausible answer。
“But why are you jealous??”
Qin Liang is still asking foolishly。
“Do women need a reason to be jealous?”
Shen Ruoxi asked with her laughter。
“Don’t need it?”
Qin Lang continued to ask with a very persistent look,He is really unwilling,Because his ears still hurt……
“do you need?”
Shen Ruoxi replied,Hold out a hand,And grabbed one of Qin Liang’s ears……But this time she didn’t pull hard!
“Not needed!you’re right,You really don’t need a reason to be jealous,You have big breasts!Everything you say is right!”
Qin Liang saw the danger coming again,Changed my tone immediately,Succumbed to Shen Ruoxi’s“Lewdness”under……
In Zhuang Sheng’s villa!Zhuang Sheng is sitting triumphantly on that large and comfortable sofa,Leisurely smoking a cigar。